Golf vs. Eaglebrook

/ April 11, 2013

Short sleeve shirts and sunglasses were on the menu for today’s home opener against Eaglebrook.  Brendan O’Day and Dever Mack were again tasked with taking on the number one and two spots and they did not disappoint.  Brendan closed out Eaglebrook’s number one player on the 7th hole winning 3up.  Dever Mack won in similar fashion going 3up on the 6th hole and then halving the 7th hole to close out Eaglebrook’s number 2 player far from the clubhouse.

Veteran player Jack Couillard had the match of the day gaining and losing the lead until he arrived on the 9th green with a one hole advantage.   He lost the hole by one stroke leaving his match all tied up.   Things didn’t go as well for Andreas who picked up his ball halfway up the 9th fairway conceding his match after 7 holes.   Andrew Zimmel suffered a similar fate ending his day on the 6th green as his number 6 opponent played more like a number one.   Connor Herrera matched up in every way with his opponent. They even shared the same name.  Connor and Connor battled back and forth with the EHS Connor holding a commanding lead coming down the stretch up two holes with two to play.   Victory would slip from his grasp as he lost the last two holes ending his match in a tie.  So with two wins, two losses, and two ties, the day ended with both teams all even.

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